Who We Are


Laboratories Darosa, S.A. was started more than 50 years ago, and its goal was to satisfied the necesity of high quality, low price cosmetic products.

Our good name was obteined on our lema "High Quality Products" based on good manufacturing practices, a strict quality control deparment, FDA approved and high quality raw material.

We are leaders in the cosmetic color line because we have a big variety of shades and colors and are always looking for the latest international fashion.

Darosa provides its human resource the opportunity to grow as professionals and incetivates group work and mutual respect.

Our Mission

The mission of Laboratories Darosa, S.A., is to achieve the complete satisfaction of our clients based on accesible prices for high quality  products. 


High quality products at accessible prices.

Generate to the intermediary´s profit by high volumen sales.

To achieve the final consumer's recompense (fidelity to the mark).

To be in all the sale centers where products of beauty, hygiene and cosmetics are distributed.

 To have variety and selection of colors in each one of the sale points. 

Current markets

The quality of our products have permited us to be in some international market. 
At the moment we are leaders in nail lacquers, lipstick and nail lacquer remover in the markets of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras,Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Panamá,  planning  expansion projects are opening the market of Cuba Belize, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Our production capacity allow us to offer other companies to manufacture brands of their own.

Contacts of Information

PBX (502) 2380-5757
(502) 2337-3349 or (502) 2333-4963
17 Calle "A" 16-46 Zona 10
        Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.
Manager :         leandro.sanchez@darosagt.com

Sales:              jorgeschaart@darosagt.com